Leather Binder Covers

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11.5 x 10.5 - Binder Cover (including binder) $85.00
(price includes binders up to 2" - thicker binders may cost slightly more). 
Custome EmbossingI call it embossing but it's not, I actually burn the leather by hand.  Because I do it by hand, I can do different fonts, styles, spacing, sizing, etc.  (Important note - I burn it therefore it comes out black so doing this on black leather would not make sense because you wouldn't be able to see it very well.) 
Initials:  $20
Full name:  $30
Custome Designs:  I can also do things such as designs, logos, clip-art, brand, patterns, graphics, etc.  Prices on this vary greatly!  Something like the Elk below would be around $100, the Hands would be like $250, and the Paw would be more like $35.  Size of art plays a big role in the cost amount. 

See 'Home' page for all currently availavle creations.  If you see something marked SOLD that you like please contact me about it and I may be able to create it just for you!